*Results may vary by individual. Consult a doctor or pharmacist if symptoms do not improve after a time.

Product Description

  • ハイチオール ホワイティア プレミアム

    Works on Existing and Hidden Blemishes*1

    Helps alleviate blemishes by suppressing melanin and by promoting the elimination of already-formed melanin. HYTHIOL- WHITEA PREMIUM Class 3 Drug

    Product Features/Dosage & Administration

  • ハイチオールCプラス2

    Aids Metabolism, Improves Blemishes and Fatigue*

    Works on two things, blemishes and fatigue* HYTHIOL-C PLUS 2 Class 3 Drug

    *Refers to general fatigue (tiredness and sluggishness)

    Product Features/Dosage & Administration

  • ハイチオールCホワイティア

    Blemishes and Freckles Treatment

    A pharmaceutical product containing L-cysteine that treats blemishes and freckles. HYTHIOL-C WHITEA Class 3 Drug

    Product Features/Dosage & Administration

Other HYTHIOL Products

ハイチオールC プルミエール
For blemishes and freckles

ハイチオールC プルミエール Class 3 Drug

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Mechanism of Action for Blemishes

3 points why L-cysteine, the main ingredient

works on blemishes

  • POINT 1 Prevent

    Inhibits the production of melanin

    Together with vitamin C, L-cysteine inhibits the formation of excess melanin.

    mechanism01 image
  • POINT2 Eliminate

    Fades the color of melanin pigmentation

    Together with vitamin C, L-cysteine achromatizes melanin pigmentation deposited in the skin.

    mechanism02 image
  • POINT3 Release

    Releases excess melanin

    The principal ingredient, L-cysteine, helps the skin's metabolism (cell turnover) to release excess melanin smoothly.

    mechanism03 image

Our Commitment to Quality

Safe and high-quality medicine manufactured in Japan

HYTHIOL is researched and manufactured at SSP's
Narita Factory in Japan.
It is a safe and high-quality Japanese
pharmaceutical product made at cutting-edge GMP*
compliant facilities.

*GMP: Standards for the manufacturing and quality control of pharmaceuticals and quasi-drugs.

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